Passport Bros is a new movement that is becoming popular in the United States and across the world. Fact is, that the Passport Bros always existed but it’s only recently that it’s really starting to pick up. More and more men are really fed up and tired of dating US women and they are really keen and curious about finding a good woman overseas for a relationship, partner and even marriage.

Finding and dating a woman in the US these days is really complicated, challenging and full of obstacles. This pertains not only to girls in their 20’s, but also to women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It’s all the same.

In today’s society, women are very busy with their jobs and just like us, they have a lot of expenses (rent, car, insurance, credit cards, student debt, make up, feminine products, clothes, shoes and bags). As a matter of fact they spend much more than men.
When meet a man, they ALWAYS but ALWAYS want to find out what is the guy’s job and if he is established. In other words, they are looking for security and stability in their partner.

If you are an average looking guy (like most of us are) with a normal job or a little higher than average job and you try to date women in the US, then this fact is the first obstacle that you will encounter. Women in the US like guys with money and that will spend money on them. Of course for them looks is important too, but the monetary factor and stability are priority.  In major cities like New York, or Los Angeles, If you are going out with a woman on a first date, she will often look at the car you drive and judge you based on that.

Today, most men spend their time online looking for possible partners by using apps such as Tinder, Bumble, POF, OKCupid, MeetME, Match and who knows what else is out there. Guys swipe left or right and they hope to get a match and then a date.

However it’s always the same outcome. You spend hours and hours swiping and messaging and you barely get any responses and when you do get a match or a message back, after a quick conversation 95% of these women will UNMATCH you BLOCK you or remove you for no reason, leaving such a sour taste in your mouth and a feeling of complete waste of time and frustration.

Even meeting women at bars and clubs and parties is not fun anymore. First of all the music in those places is always extremely loud making it impossible to hear and to talk to someone. Secondly, women there are always in groups of friends and they will pay attention to you or talk to you only if you have a table with bottles (it will cost you close to $1000). In most cases, they will talk to you to get free drinks and then walk away or go back to their friends, making you feel used and a sucker, or even give you their number and when you text them, they will ignore you or respond after 2 days before blocking you.

Trying to strike a conversation with a woman in an outdoor place like a park or gym or even inside a store is not a good idea as well. Most women will think you are some sort of weirdo, sex maniac and they might even call security on you forcing you to leave.

Let’s assume YOU ARE dating a woman in the US and things are going “ok”. The problem is that many women don’t know what they want. She can stop dating you at any moment or randomly block your number or just tell you she’s not into you and she doesn’t feel you are the right guy for her, leaving you speechless, especially when you thought things were going well. It happens so many times and it pisses so many guys off. Not to mention the monetary part as well. All these dates, drinks, dinners, activities cost so much money in the US that, if a woman you were dating stops seeing you, you will have to start from scratch again and this means more dinners, more drinks and more money spent on your credit card.

How many women in the US are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and 50’s that are single? Millions and millions. I wonder why.

So how to find a woman that really wants a man, won’t play games, respects life’s values, will accept you for who you are and that will respect you and really will be by your side no matter what? Women like this are very rare and hard to find.

They are hard to find is the US, true. But not overseas.

We of Passport Bros Experts, we personally didn’t have a lot of success with women in the US because of the reasons described above and we got disappointed so many times that we had enough. That’s why one day we decided to take a trip to Asia and South America to discover new things, explore, see the world and see what type of women are there. We literally just packed our suitcases and took very long flights across the world. What we saw and experienced was so much fun and astonishing that we decided to share all our knowledge with you guys. is a complete guide that will give you all the tips and inside information you will need for you to find what you are looking for, including traveling info, lodging guidance, best areas to visit, things to avoid and other good data that will guide you in the right direction.

So go on and check out the rest of the site, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Your Passport Bros 🙂