With a population of 110 Million, this country is located in South East Asia and it’s composed of many small islands connected all together.

The 2 main cities here are Manila which is the capital of the Philippines and home to 13 million residents, followed by Cebu which is the second biggest city with a metro population of around 3 million.

The country has many beautiful islands and touristic areas that are worth visiting while there. Some of them and most famous ones are Palawan, Boracay Island, Siargao and Coron.

The first thing you need to know about the Philippines is that everyone speaks very good English. The primary language there is Tagalog, however English is EXTREMELY well spoken by all the locals so you won’t have any problems communicating with people.

The country is very influenced by the United States. Locals love the American culture. You’ll find here all the biggest American franchises when it comes to food and clothes. People love the NBA basketball as well.

On top of that, there’s the fact that the Philippines is home to thousands of call centers and customer service offices that serve the United States, Australia and the UK. Many companies in the United States have their customer service based in the Philippines for cost reasons, that’s why many locals work at night (from 8pm to 6am local time which is day time in the US). That’s actually another reason why the English level is very very very high.

Historically, this country was under Spanish rule for 300 years so there’s many words in Tagalog that are similar to Spanish. All the people have Spanish last names and many of them have like a “mixed” looks. They look Asian, but you can tell that they have some European features as well.

If you are picturing the Philippines in your head as some sort of jungle with snakes and animals, you are totally wrong. The Major cities are very well developed, there’s plenty of high end malls, beautiful sky scrapers, high rise condos, well paved roads and also many nice and luxury restaurants.

The local currency is the Philippine peso. 1 US dollar equals to 55 peso and you are a king when you come to the Philippines with dollars because everything will be very affordable for you, even the high end restaurants. The biggest bill they have is the 1000 peso bill which equals to $19 US.

When it comes to women, the Philippines has a lot of beautiful girls. They are all very friendly, easy going and speak excellent English. They absolutely love foreigners and they prefer them over a local guy. This fact puts you on top of their list when it comes to meeting men. They prefer foreigners not only because of the foreign looks but also because of curiosity of trying something new, compatibility and harmony. Many of them just want to meet a foreign man and just to have a good time as well. Very simple. When dating a Filipino girl, you will see that everything will be much more simple compared to the US, the vibe will be completely different, SHE will be the one that will initiate to go out with you (although you should make the first move), meet you and maybe even chase you and come over. She’ll be happy with simple things (like eating nuggets at McDonald’s for example), but mostly she’ll be totally pleased just to have you by her side and walk hand and in hand with you. They will always make time to meet you, spend time with you and cuddle with you. They don’t care about the car you drive and many of them don’t want you spend a lot of money on them (they feel bad, because they know you work hard for your money).

Filipino girls are very feminine. For them the man is the king of the house, they respect him and give him full attention. In many aspects, they are very submissive which is something men like and always want. Sure, you definitely will come across girls who are there to meet you because they want your money and want you to help them out financially, so if that’s the case and this is a turn off for you then just move to the next one.  There are plenty of women to meet so you won’t have a problem meeting a better one. There are many foreign guys who are married to Filipino girls and they are all living a very happy life and full of joy. If you hit it off with a Filipino girl and you and her want to be together, the majority of women won’t even mind having a long distance relationship with you and they will always be loyal to you.

Now, do you think women act like this in the US?

I don’t think so. It’s complete taboo these days and super rare.

Take my word and go to the Philippines. You won’t regret it, you will have a great time and you’ll meet so many wonderful women that you simply won’t want to leave. You’ll have so many options when it comes to meeting women, that you won’t even know who to choose from. You will feel like such a king, that coming back to the US will be pure sadness.

If you want to make this step and find a good girlfriend, partner or spouse in the Philippines, it’s very important that you gain as much information as possible before you go there and when you go there. Passport Bros Experts has prepared for you everything you should know and here are the details.


You will need to go there for at least 3 weeks. The time difference is at least 13 hours (from East coast US) and it takes almost a day to fly there. This is not a simple flight like flying from New York to Los Angeles or Miami to Dominican Republic. We are talking here of 15+ hours flights from where you are living.

Direct flights with Philippines Airlines are only available from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver. These flights are direct flights and they are not cheap but will save you a lot of time. They can cost very close to $2000 round trip or even close to $2500 if you are going during a busy summer tourist season.

If you want to save some money, you better off taking a connection flight with 1 stop or if you live far away from a major city in the US, it will have to be 2 stops total. Just to give an example, a typical flight like this would be from New York to Seoul South Korea (15 hours) and then from Seoul to Manila Philippines (4 hours total).


The Philippines is located in South East Asia and sitting next to the equator, so forget about bringing coats, jackets and sweaters. It’s always hot and a little humid all year around so just bring summer clothes with you. The temperature is always around 75 to 85 Degrees Fahrenheit (25-35 degrees Celsius). The climate of the country can be divided into two major seasons:

(1) the rainy season, from June to November; and

(2) the dry season, from December to May. If you can only go during the rainy season but you afraid that this factor might stop you from meeting women, then you are wrong. People still go out during the rainy season and besides that….women like to stay indoor and cuddle while it rains don’t you know? Lol. You’ll be surprised how many women will just want to come straight to your apartment during the 1st date just to chill and relax.


This is a very important subject to know. Very important.

Assuming it’s your first time going there and you want to explore and see what’s out there, I strongly suggest Manila, the capital of the country.

Once you have booked your flight to Manila, you’ll need to know where to stay.

An AirBnb apartment is the best option for you. Not only because staying in a comfy apartment is better than staying in a simple hotel room, but simply because you’ll have the option of renting a whole apartment for a very good price for the whole duration of your stay. Most of the apartments on AirBnb in Manila are located in high rise condos that have decent size living rooms, fridge, kitchen, swimming pool, gym and receptionist downstairs. Think about this for a moment. If you meet a very nice local girl, you really like her and she wants to come over to spend time with you, she won’t really like the fact that you staying in a hotel (she might feel like a hooker). So it’s better off to stay in a nice apartment. Besides this, Filipino girls like to offer to cook for you (they love to do that), so you need to have a kitchen for this.

You probably want to ask “Manila is so big, in which area should I stay?” . True, Manila is a very big city with a lot of neighborhoods so let me tell you in which areas you should stay.

The best areas to get an apartment in Manila during your stay are MAKATI and Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in the Taguig area. As a matter of fact those 2 areas are very close to each other and very close to the Airport. Both Makati and Taguig are the main hubs and business centers of Manila. You’ll find there the best looking high rise condos, best malls, best restaurants, best shopping areas and even the best clubs, bars, hangouts. They are both extremely safe and there’s tons of women working and living there. So when you ready to get an AirBnb, you will see that it averages between $30 to $50 a night. Very cheap and affordable.


That’s it, it’s time to go. You have booked your flight and your Airbnb and the day of your flight has arrived. Before you go to the Philippines make sure you download the App “GRAB” from your App Store. This App is free and it’s basically the Asian version of Uber and Uber Eats combined. Having this app it’s an absolute necessity in the Philippines. Everybody uses it and it will help you avoid getting scammed by local taxi drivers, especially at the airport when you arrive. You can use this app and pay the driver directly with a credit card linked to your app or by cash.

Once you have arrived in Manila, get a SIM card at one of those local stands inside the airport so you can use the Grab App. You will see cell phone companies stands such as GLOBE or SMART right inside the arrivals area or if you don’t see them, just ask. Those are the 2 main cell phone providers in the Philippines. Make sure your phone in unlocked from the US before you go so you can use the local Sim. Also, change some money at the currency exchange stand but not too much because they tend to charge a high fee at the airport. $50 should be ok. More money can be changed afterwards in currency exchanges in Makati or in BGC where there’s much lower fee or you can use a local ATM to withdraw, no problem.


Once you have checked in in your AirBnb and you settled, it’s time for action.
Assuming you don’t know anybody there (this is the most case), your best friends will be Tinder and Bumble. You will have to download these apps immediately and subscribe to their membership where you can have unlimited swipes and also subscribe to the Gold Membership where you can “see who likes you”. Make sure your location is Makati or BGC and setup a decent distance from you (15 miles max is enough trust me). Start swiping left and right for as long as you can and then wait.

The notifications on your phone will start blowing sounds non stop from matches you just received and this will keep going on non stop. I am serious about this. You will be shocked from the amount of matches you will start getting on both platforms left and right from so many girls. So do your thing and start getting to know women there online and setup some dates. A lot of women feel like meeting immediately so there won’t be situations where you will be bored with nothing to do. Even when you will be outside on dates, your phone will keep blowing up with notifications of new matches on Tinder and Bumble. That’s how insane the Philippines is. At some point, you will have soooo many chats going on at the same time that you won’t know who to choose from. All these women will want to meet. So pick who you really feel like meeting and do your thing.

Meeting women online in the Philippines is one thing, but you can EASILY meet and talk to women randomly in malls or outdoors with absolutely no issues at all. First of all, the moment you will walk in the street or in public areas, you will feel that people look at you, especially women. They will check you out. Why? Because you are foreigner. Like I mentioned before, Philippines women love foreigners so you can easily strike a conversation with any woman there. In most cases she will smile and she will be happy you are talking to her and she will love to get to know you and give you her number (they love to use What’s app so make sure you have that App).


Makati and BGC have plenty of restaurant, clubs, bars and lounges, so depending on what you like, we have created a good list of places where you can take a date.

  • HIGH STREET IN BGC: This place is an outdoor area with plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and stores. You can walk here with your date and choose any of the options that are available there. It’s a pretty long street that has so many spots to choose from. A lot of people are walking there. In my opinion, if you choose to go there, just meet your date at Italianni’s which is a very nice Italian restaurant. Lunch or dinner there won’t cost you much, maybe $30-40 max.
  • Forbestown in BGC (by Burgos circle):  This place is also an outdoor area with a lot of small restaurants and small bars. It’s much smaller  than High Street but it has a very good vibe going on, especially at night.
  • Antidote Gastropub in Makati: This lounge/bar is located on the rooftop of I’M Hotel in Makati. The view there is absolutely spectacular because you can see the whole city. They serve food there as well and it’s actually very good. You will love the atmosphere there and you will want to go back.
  • The Penthouse 8747 in Makati: This is another lounge / restaurant that we highly recommend. It’s also located on a roof top of a building, it has an incredible view of the city and the setup of the place is really nice. The couches are very comfortable and the food and drinks are very affordable. Going to a place like this in the US for a date will cost you at least $200. In the Philippines maybe $40.
  • Wine in Makati or in BGC: Dr. Wine is a great bar to take your date to. They have 2 locations, one in Makati and one in BGC. We prefer the one in Makati because it’s bigger and it has more room. They obviously serve there wines and drinks but you can also order food.
  • Buccaneers Bar in Makati: This is a popular bar in Makati that is always very busy every night. A lot of foreigners go there but also many locals. It’s a very cool spot to sit down and have a drink.
  • Xylo Club in BGC: If you feel like going clubbing with your date, then Xylo is the place to go. It’s very busy there and you can easily get a table with bottles if you feel like it for a fraction of the price of what it would cost you in the US or Europe.
  • Seda Hotel and Shangri-la Hotel in BGC: These 2 hotels have excellent rooftop bars. Only elite Filipinos and foreigners go there. Drinks are a little bit more expensive than the other places, but the atmosphere and vibe are very nice.
  • Poliya Bar in Makati: Not a big bar, but very cozy and chill. You can come here with a date or without a date.
  • Greenbelt Mall in Makati: This is the main mall of Makati. The mall is indoor and outdoor. You can go to the outdoor area with your date at Wildflower cafe. It’s a great and elegant coffee shop / restaurant and it’s nice and quiet.

Honestly, there’s so many other restaurants and bars that I could recommend. Once you are there just google what you looking for, and read the reviews. You will find what you like.


If you are not with your woman or with a date, why not go shopping?

You will have plenty of options when it comes to shopping. As mentioned, all the franchises are there so you can go shopping for anything you want around Manila or in Makati or in BGC.

The main mall is Greenbelt / Glorietta mall in Makati (they are attached to each other). This is a very upscale and modern mall. Thousands of people visit there every day and you’ll be able to find anything you can possibly want.

Another good mall is Mall Of Asia, located in neighborhood of Pasay. This is relatively a newer mall, also very elegant with tons of shops and restaurants. The taxi ride is about $10 from Makati or BGC. The mall is right next to a seaside walking area by the water with a very nice view.

SM Megamall is another big and good mall. It’s located in the area of Mandaluyong, north of Makati. The taxi ride is cheap ($5 maybe) and it’s a mall of at least 5 floors.

Green Hills Mall. This is my favorite mall. This mall is different from the other malls. In this mall you will find plenty of fakes and replicas of any kind. Replica watches, replica shoes, replica bags, jewelry, clothes and electronics. Everything is for a bargain. Remember to negotiate with people. You will have a lot of fun.


If you are a smoker, Manila is not a smoker friendly city. You can buy cigarettes yes ($3 a pack) but you can’t smoke in the streets, it’s the law. If the police sees you smoking in the street, you’ll be subject to a fine. You can only smoke in your apartment, or in designated smoking areas around the city. However, don’t let this disappoint you. 99% of the bars allow people to smoke so you’ll be fine.


Gambling in the Philippines is totally fine. Asians love to gamble, we all know that. The best casinos in Manila are Okada casino, City Of Dreams Casino and Solaire Casino. These casinos are very big and they have all the games you can possibly imagine. From any possible table game to every slot machine that exists.
However, Okada Casino is the ONLY casino that offers live Poker. So if you want to play poker, then Okada is the place for you.


Assuming you staying in the Philippines for some time or you have a local Filipino girl you really like, why not take her to one of the touristic islands? First of all, for YOU it would be a great experience because the beaches are beautiful and also it would help you strengthen your relationship with her and she would have a great time with you.

If you think that this idea will cost you a fortune then you are wrong and allow us to explain.

The islands of Palawan and Boracay are the best options in our opinion, especially Palawan.
If you choose to go to Palawan with your girl, your best bet would be the city of El Nido or Puerto Princesa (both are in Palawan). Direct flights are available from Manila on a daily basis and they cost $100-$150 round trip per person. 1 hour flight.
Hotels are also very affordable. They are all facing the sea or extremely close to the sea and they cost around $50 a night. There’s even better hotels that cost $100 a night but that’s up to you, depending on your budget.

We won’t start explaining how beautiful and fun Palawan is because this website is not about vacations. If you go there with a Filipino girl, she will really thank you and appreciate everything you do for her and she will want to be with you, I can assure you of that.