About Us

The founders story.

We’re not that different from all of you. One day, after too many bad experiences, we just said fuck it we had enough. We went on a trip to Asia with little to no expectations and that was the best decision we’ve made. Since then, we’ve each met wonderful girls who have become our partners. They are loyal, loving, ride or die women that have truly revived our hope in true love. Also During our travels across many countries we’ve taken detailed notes of our experiences to share with you guys. Our main goal for this page is to unite the men who have been taken advantage of for so long and introduce them to a life full of love, intimacy, respect, fun, and travel. There’s an ocean of unexplored territory in this world, and we’ll be here by your side with tips and tricks throughout your journey. Stop living mediocre and start living like kings
– David and Ahmed The passport bros