Colombia is located on the North side of South America and its not far from the United States at all.

This country by far has so many beautiful and good looking women that you van possibly imagine and you will go absolutely insane when you step foot there. Every single woman there looks amazing regardless of their age. They are pretty, good looking and have such hot bodies that when you walk in the street, your head will constantly be moving left and right and up and down because you will constantly be checking them out. Youll be saying to yourself Oh my Goddddd” or Wow wow wow shes so beautiful”, Damn…wow, God Damn!” etc etc. You will come across some women that really look like some sort of Miss Universe. Also all women love to dress very sexy, with tight jeans and tight top. Compared to the women in Asia that are more conservative, Colombian women love to dress very sexy, show their curves, have fun and go to bars and nightclubs. They are also very touchy and love attention.

The reason this country is 5th on our list is because YOU MUST be a Spanish speaking person if you plan to go there, or AT LEAST be able to speak the language decently.

Not many people speak English here. As a matter of fact, the level of English is extremely low. Locals only speak Spanish, so if you dont know the language you will have a very hard time communicating with women especially if you plan to find a girl there and develop something serious with her.

I have seen videos of Western guys going to Colombia to find women and communicating with them using a talking Google translate. While this is an option, it certainly is not comfortable and its weird. They wont like it either, they want to speak in Spanish with their partner, its natural.

Colombian girls are indeed extremely hot but also very jealous women. The amount of men cheating on their women in South America is very high, thats why women always have the fear that their men is betraying them, so they tend to monitor mens life.

If somehow you end up hitting it off with a Colombian woman and you and her are serious about being together, you wont regret it. They are very loyal to their men and they are very good housewives. Colombian women love to cook for their men and they know how to please them in bed. Trust me when I say this.

The currency in Colombia is the Colombia peso. 1 US dollar is around 4800 peso. Your American dollars go very far in Colombia, so dont think that this will be an expensive trip. With $100 there you can have a great time.


There are 4 main cities in Colombia: Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin and Cali.

Cartagena is located on the coastline of Colombia, its most expensive city of the country and its known for tourism and prostitution. Its a very nice looking city and the beaches are great but I wouldnt go there to look for your significant other. Almost all the girls living there work as DAMA DE COMPANIA (woman of company) and they offer sex services in exchange for money. The city is also extremely frequented by Americans who go there for this reason.

Bogota is the capital of the country  and business hub, while Medellin and Cali are the second and third largest cities in the country.

In my personal opinion, go to Medellin. You wont regret it. It has an insane amount of beautiful women, great nightlife and its not expensive at all.

The weather is always hot, so just bring summer clothes with you. No need for jackets and sweaters. Theres no beach because the city is in the middle of country and sitting on the hills.


Theres direct flights to Medellin from the East Coast of the United States with Spirit Airlines and American Airlines for around $300-400 round trip. If you live in the Mid West or on the West Coast, then youll have to take a connection flight and it will cost a little more.

Compared to Asia, where youll have to be in the air for 15+ hours, the flight time to Medellin from the East Coast is about 4 to 5 hours so its a short flight and very convenient.

Once you have arrived at the airport, look for one those stands that sell local SIM cards. Claro, Movistar or Tigo are the cell phone providers. You will need internet when youll be outside of your apartment. Also, change some money at the currency exchange and go to your accommodation with a yellow taxi (they are very cheap). In alternative, you can use Uber or Cabify which is like a local Uber.


The hotels there are very nice and affordable but if I was you, I would take an AirBnb. It would give you the flexibility of having a full luxury apartment for the same price of an Hotel.

The BEST area / neighborhood to get your AirBnb is EL POBLADO. This is by far the safest, most exclusive and richest area of the city. It will cost you between $50 to $60 a night for renting an AirBnb there and all the apartments are beautiful, modern and have security downstairs. The area has also plenty of bars and restaurants. The elite and rich people of Medellin live there.


Single women in Colombia love to use Tinder and Bumble especially Tinder, so when you are in Medellin, open the apps and start swiping as much as you can. You will get a lot of matches with a lot of amazing looking women, stunning and beautiful. A lot of them post many sexy pictures of themselves, but this is just part of their culture. They will all be down to meet in person almost immediately. Colombian women love to be asked out and they want to meet foreign men. Deep inside, they are tired of Colombian men. Why? Because they know the majority of them are not serious and just want a quick fling and they tend to cheat. So being a foreigner there definitely gives you an edge and an advantage.

Once again, dont forget to subscribe to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold so you can have unlimited swiped and you can see who liked you. This way you can maximize the potential of finding dates. Make sure that the women you are chatting with are not DAMA DE COMPANIA (hookers). If they are, just move to the next one.

Visiting nightclubs and bars to get to know women is a good idea as well. They are easy to approach, they will smile and they love to get to know new people. Once again, they will love the fact that you a foreigner and that you are visiting their country. If you know how to dance Latin music (or if you know the basic moves), always offer to dance with them as Colombian women absolutely love to dance and move their hips and this will be a big plus. Colombian women that hang out in Latin dancing clubs with girlfriends are usually single and they are looking for a man to get to know and to dance with, so use it for your advantage.


Medellin has a lot of great spots where you can take a take, or just hang out and have fun.

Here is a small list we have compiled for you.

  • Trilogy Bar: Great bar that has live music with salsa & merengue. People love to dance here and the drinks are great
  • La Octava Bar: Another great bar with an amazing vibe. Theres no food there, just drinks. Its a nice spot to just chill and relax.
  • Pub Rock LLeras: This is a bar that offers Rock music for a change. The atmosphere is insane and everybody there is having a great time.
  • Envy Rooftop Bar: This is a wonderful rooftop bar inside a hotel. On many days they have live salsa music. Any girl will like this place. You can go here during the day or even at night.
  • Panorama Rooftop bar: amazing bar / restaurant that offers great food and mixed drinks. Any woman would have a good time here.
  • Alambique Restaurant: This is a flawless restaurant that serves incredible food. The ambient is great and you will feel at ease the moment you get there.
  • Sweet Jesus Mine: This is a bar / nightclub where they play Colombian music. You can dance, get food and get drinks. Youll have fantastic time here
  • JAMZ Hip Hop club: Great place to go dancing with your date. They place a mix of rap music and latin music at the same time. Very affordable as well
  • Social Club Academia: if you want to dance salsa and bachata go here, you wont be disappointed and your girl will love this place.


In Medellin you will find beautiful women who will love you, respect you and have a good time with you without expecting anything major in return. They just want a loyal man that will have fun with them, dance with them and be with them.

Again, its very preferred that you speak Spanish because if you dont, then this will definitely be an obstacle.

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