The 2 main cities here are Ho Chin Minh City (Saigon) located in the South of the country with a metro population of 9 million residents and Hanoi in the North with also close to 9 million residents.

This country has always been visited by a decent amount of foreigners, however in last 10 years this trend has been becoming more and more popular and tourism has been booming there especially since the end of Covid.

Vietnamese in the primary language spoken by locals. English is not so popular. Not many people speak good English or English in general and this can be a problem for any Westerner. It really is a hit or miss. Some people speak English and some don’t.

The main cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, are very well constructed and very modern with very nice malls, high rise buildings and condos, paved roads and very good transportation system.

The local currency is the Vietnamese Dong. 1 US dollar is 235 dongs. Basically your dollar goes very far away here and Vietnam is definitely one of the most economical and cheapest places to visit in South East Asia.

When it comes to women, Vietnam has a lot but a lot of pretty girls with very pretty faces and just like any other country in South Easy Asia, they cherish their men and they are very loyal to them. Just like the Philippines and Thailand, Vietnamese girls like foreign men as well. They see them as some sort of trophy and not because they want to use you to get a Green Card, but simply because they are very simple girls and good housewives. They are very conservatives and they carry traditions that go back in time. Since many of them are really pretty, it’s very easy to fall in love with them and it will be up to you on what to do next, especially if you end up wanting a relationship with them and they feel the same way.

If you end up getting a Vietnamese girlfriend, you won’t regret it. She will always be by your side no matter what. She will want to cook for you on a daily basis and she will make you feel like you are the man of the house.

Even if you get into an argument with her about something, she will always end up agreeing with you and end up smiling at you. Honestly, some of them are so pretty, that you would just want to keep staring at them all day long.

Remember one thing. If you choose to go to Vietnam, the key will be to find a woman that speaks decent English because like we said before, not everyone speaks English.


There’s no direct flights to Vietnam from the US. Absolutely 0 direct flights. You will have to fly through a connection which can be through Korea, Japan or Taiwan.

The flight time is the same like going to the Philippines or Thailand, so be prepared for 15+ hours of flight time if you are flying from the US.

Cost of these flights are the same just as going to any other country in South East Asia. You are looking between $1600 to $2000 round trip.

Don’t forget to get a local SIM card at the airport and to change some money before you exit it. Just like the Philippines and Thailand, you can use the app “GRAB” to order a taxi or in alternative you can use “GOJEK” which is another popular app in Vietnam to order taxis and food. I recommend to have both of them installed before your trip so they will be ready for use.


There is not really a right or wrong time to visit Vietnam as during most months of the year you will experience both sunshine and rain in varying quantities. After all it’s a country over 2000 miles in coastline. In my personal opinion, the best time to go there is from December to June. That’s the summer season, however if you can go only from June to December that would be ok too. During those months the weather can be sunny or a little rainy, but trust me….this won’t be an excuse for not going there and to look for a good woman.


Assuming it’s your first time going there and you don’t know where to go, I suggest to you go to Ho Chi Minh City. It’s perhaps the busiest city in Vietnam and a central hub for businesses.

Just like the Philippines and Thailand, I strongly recommend an AirBnb. There are plenty to choose from and they all cost more or less the same. You are looking at a daily cost between $25 to $50 a day. Extremely affordable. The majority of these apartments come with excellent WIFI, gym and pool so you can’t really go wrong.

The city is composed of many districts. You should choose your AirBnb in District 1, District 2, District 3 or District 5. My suggestion: Stay in district 1, that’s where everything is happening and it’s the city’s central business district. There’s plenty of restaurants there, bars and coffee shops so you will be at ease almost immediately. The area is also very safe so you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Since this would be your first time here, your best options will be once again Tinder and Bumble. Locals also use 2 other apps named Vietnam Cupid and YmeetME, however I don’t really recommend using these last 2 because the chances of matching with someone that talks English is not too high. You can try, but not waste too much time on those apps.

With Tinder and Bumble you’ll have a much better chance of connecting with women immediately and a high chance of talking to girls that speak English. Don’t forget to subscribe for the Plus and Gold Memberships so you’ll have unlimited swipes and you can see “who liked you”. Most likely you will start getting likes and matches left and right after a very short time so this will keep you busy in trying to setup some dates and meetings face to face. Always offer to exchange instagram. Vietnamese girls use instagram, especially the younger generation and they will love to learn more about you before you meet them.

It’s very important to learn some Vietnamese phrases as well. Local women love that because they see you express interest in their culture. So when you chat with them, make sure to say something in their language.

There’s also no problem at all if you plan on hitting on women in the streets or at bars and nightclubs. Local girls will love to talk to you and they will give you their full attention. They will gladly give you their number and What’s App. After all, they are also looking for a man and the fact that you a foreigner is a big plus. Vietnamese girls love the foreign looks and believe me….if they like you, things will move pretty fast. You’ll come across soooo many pretty girls online and outside that you simply won’t believe this.

You have to understand something. Vietnamese girls are very simple girls and are very loyal to their men. They are not materialistic at all, they just want a good man and of course someone who is serious and who will always be by their side. They definitely don’t care about what kind of car you drive or how much you make or what is your job. This happens just in the US and in Western countries.


Assuming you in Ho Chi Minh City, we have compiled a small list of good spots on where you can take your date:

  • The Workshop Coffee: It’s a coffee shop located in District 1, very popular and almost always busy. It’s a great place to sit down, have a coffee or food and relax, chill, talk and get to know someone
  • Arabica Ho Chi Minh City The Cafe’ Apartments: It’s also a coffee shop / restaurant located in District 1. It’s located inside an old building and it basically is a coffee shop with many floors. Pick one cafe that offers an outdoor view and dining area, so you can people-watch the busy streets below.
  • Chill Skybar: it’s a rooftop bar / restaurant in District 1 that has an amazing view and great drinks and food. The restaurant inside is very elegant and well designed, while the outdoor area offers spectacular views. Highly recommend. A place like this in the US will cost you hundreds of dollars while in Vietnam it will be a fraction of it.
  • Social Club Rooftop: It’s another rooftop bar / restaurant. It’s located in District 3 and it’s a very cozy and chill place with amazing city views at night. Drinks and food are excellent. Any girl will like this place. You can’t go wrong.
  • Broma Not a Bar: Very nice chill spot in District 1. Sometimes they have an entrance fee and it gets very busy after 9pm, but it’s definitely a cool spot to take a girl to.
  • Level 23 Wine Bar: It’s also in District 1 and it’s amazing place to take a girl to. Wine selection is very good. It’s on a 23rd floor of a building and the atmosphere is just amazing.
  • Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh City: It’s the major mall of the city. It’s a nice place if you want to walk around with your date and then choose one of coffee shop or restaurants to hang out and chill.


If you are already in Ho Chi Minh City and you feel like going shopping (by yourself or with your girl), there are several options that you can choose from.

Takashimaya Mall in District 1 is one of the most popular malls out there. You will find here any popular brand you already know from the US. The mall has many floors and is very well decorated. Plenty of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. You can literally spend hours at this place.

Another great mall that you can visit there is Saigon Centre. It’s very close to Takashimaya and it really is a stunning place. Located in nearly the center of Saigon, next to 3 big streets & very close to other tourist places (Nguyen Hue Walking Street), so it’s very easy to spot it just from far away.

Diamond Plaza in District 1 is another shopping center for luxury items such as Ferragamo, Prada and more. Prices are same like in the US, so if you in a good mood of spending, this might be a good option for you.

Ben Than Market in District 1 is a MUST PLACE TO GO. This place place is the best fake market in the city and you can find here anything you can possibly imagine. Fake Balenziaga, fake Prada, fake Gucci, fake Nike, fake designer shoes, belts, replica watches, replica anything. You will have so much fun here that you will want to come back. Prices are very cheap. You can spend here the whole day and still have energy. Great place to Visit.


Vietnam has a lot of casinos spread around the country. In Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll have access to several of them if you in the mood of playing cards or slots.

The main casinos are Club V-EGaming and the Palazzo Club. You can even bring your girl there if you want to. Everybody loves to gamble and try to win some money, plus you can also have drinks there at the bar and relax and chill.


Let’s say you really having a good time with your Vietnamese girl and you feel you two are really connected and like each other, then why not spoil her and yourself with a 2-3 days getaway to some of the most beautiful areas in Vietnam? You should take her to Ha Long Bay or Phú Quốc. Ha Long Bay is known for the beautiful emerald waters and romantic atmosphere, incredible place. However you will have to take a flight up north to go there.

Phú Quốc is a better option since it’s not far from Ho Chi Minh City and you’ll find there incredible resorts and beautiful beaches with white sand.

Don’t worry, the hotels there are not too expensive. You are looking at hotels with price ranges from between $60 to $150 a night. Beautiful resorts.

If you bring your girl there, she will absolutely love this place and there’s no doubt that she will totally be all over you. Not to mention the fact that she will be grateful to you and she will totally appreciate everything you do for her. She will show you so much affection, love and make you feel like a king.