This country is located in South East Asia right between Thailand and Vietnam.

Cambodia has a population of 16 million people and the capital is Phnom Penh. That’s the busiest city in the country and the most visited.

The weather is hot and humid all year around but in general, is best to visit there from November through May because it rains less.

The local currency there is the Cambodia Riel. 1 US dollar equals to about 4000 Riel.

If you go there with Dollars or Euros or any other Western currency, then your money will go very far. In other words Cambodia is a very cheap country to visit and your local expenses are gonna be very small especially when it comes out to dating local women, going to bars, nightclubs, restaurants and more. It’s much cheaper than Thailand.

Khmer is the primary language in Cambodia, however English is well spoken by the majority of the people so you’ll have absolutely no problem communicating with locals. They’ll understand you.

The women in Cambodia are very pretty and good looking. They have this exotic looks that will catch your eyes the moment you get out of the airport. They look very similar to Thai and Vietnamese women. After all, we are talking about countries that are attached to each other so their beauty and looks are very similar.

Just like the mentality of any Asian country, Cambodian women are very simple. They are very loyal to their men, they know who is the leader in the relationship and they want a good man by their side. They are very submissive, will always trust you and yes…they do like foreigners. When walking in the streets, a lot of women are gonna be looking at you and checking you out. They love men that are not from there and they are down to meet a genuine guy. You won’t need to flash money on them, that’s something that only US women are into. Cambodian women are cool with anything.

You have to understand something. It’s only in the last decade that foreigners really started to visit Cambodia. So for many local women, meeting a nice looking foreigner is something that they really desire and want. It will be up to you if you feel like going to Cambodia for an adventure and to meet a good looking Cambodian woman.


Since it’s your first time going there, then you should go to Phnom Penh the capital of the country.

Traveling to Cambodia would be the same scenario as traveling to Thailand or Vietnam. There’s no direct flights to Cambodia from the US. You will have to take a connection flight through Japan, Taiwan, Korea or Hong Kong. The price of this flight is around $2000 round trip.

Same as any other country is South East Asia, you are looking at a 15+ hour total flight time from the US.

When you arrive at the airport, make sure you already have the app “Grab” installed so you can order a taxi. However, if you don’t want to wait then just take a taxi. They are very cheap. Once again, Cambodia is perhaps one of the cheapest countries in Asia so your expenses will be minimal if you come with dollars.

Don’t forget to change some money at the airport. Later on, you can change a bigger amount when you are in Phnom Penh.


Once again, AirBnb is the best option for you. Hotels are cheap too but it’s better to stay in an AirBnb especially if you plan to get to know women. As explained in the section of the Philippines, good Asian girls in general don’t really feel too comfortable going to a hotel room with a guy they just met or starting to meet(can you blame them?), so having an AirBnb luxury apartment in a nice condo is the best option.

The best areas to stay in Phnom Penh are Daun Penh and Chamkar Mon as these two areas have the most iconic and must see tourist attractions in the city. This is also where you will find the Mekong River as well as the best nightlife in the city along with a vast amount of restaurants, which offer various cuisines.

Prices are between $20 to $40 a night for a luxury condo. Many of them come with amenities like gym, pool, sauna and more. Extremely cheap. You won’t find this value anywhere else. Guaranteed.


It won’t be any different here than the rest of countries in South East Asia.

The moment you are settled in your Airbnb and you want to start getting to know women, you will have to use Tinder, Bumble and also Badoo (they use Badoo in Cambodia as well). These are the most used apps by women in Cambodia.

Once again, make sure all the premium features of these apps have been purchased such as unlimited swipes, unlimited likes and more and just start swiping as much as you can.
You will start getting dozens and maybe hundreds of likes in a very short time and the notifications on your phone will keep alerting you of new chats. That’s music to your ears. So do your thing and start setting up dates with women you like and find attractive. You will quickly learn that Cambodian women love foreigners and they think that American men are much better husbands than Cambodian men. That’s good to know. Use this for your advantage.

Just remember one thing. You will come across many Trans and ladyboys on these apps as well, so make sure you unmatch them and skip them if you are not interested.

Learn some phrases in Khmer and flirt with women. Cambodian women like it when you speak some words in Khmer, it shows them that you are learning about their country and that you are expressing interest in their culture.

As mentioned, the level of English is decent and acceptable, so women will understand you.

You can find and meet Cambodian women not only online but also in bars and clubs and coffee shops. If you don’t feel too shy, just approach them and do your thing. 90% of the cases they will be very happy to talk to you and get to know you more. If you are thinking that these women are just interested in using you for a visa then you are totally wrong. Cambodian women are very simple women. They are happy living in Cambodia and going to America kinda scares them. However, if the right man comes along then yes, they are open to this possibility and to join you in the States. All they want is to be good housewives and have a good man. Isn’t this what you want as well? I am sure you do.


Here is a quick list of places that I highly recommend:

  • LeMoon Roof Top: Great restaurant and rooftop bar with soft music. It has a great view during sunset
  • Eclipse Skybar: It’s basically another roof top. The food is excellent and the drinks are very good as well. You will love this place
  • Sora Skybar: Another rooftop bar I recommend. The bar is cozy and quiet making it perfect for a date. The view of the city is amazing
  • BattBong Restaurant: it’s a very nice and cozy restaurant in a hidden spot. Food is excellent and you will love the atmosphere.
  • Score Sports Bar: this is by far the best sports bar in Phnom Penh.
  • Bassac Lane: A nice chill and cozy bar with some funky design.
  • Epic Club: Perhaps the best dance club in the city.
  • Brown Coffee: This is a great option for a coffee shop just to have a coffee, talk and chill.
  • Enso Cafe: Another great option for a coffee shop / restaurant . The food is great and the menu is huge.
  • Riverside – Sisowath Quay: It’s just a boardwalk. But it’s nice to walk there with a date and talk.


If you feel like gambling a bit, your best option is NagaWorld Casino. You can even take your date here if you want. There’s table games and slots. This is a big casino and 5 star hotel. You can definitely spend here many hours playing. Plus, there are also several bars inside and good restaurants where you relax, eat and have a good time.


You will definitely need to check out places like Angkor Wat (a big temple), the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda. These are buddhist temples and popular touristic destinations.

If you find a woman that you really like and connect with and you feel she feels the same way about you, then I strongly recommend going to the Cambodian Islands, especially Koh Rong Samloem. Any girl will fall in love with you if you take her there. Seriously. This island is considered the gem of Cambodia, with extreme crystal clear waters and white sand. It’s a very romantic place as well. Hotels are cheap (around $60 a night). If you take here your Cambodian Girlfriend she will never let go of you no matter what and she will follow you anywhere you go. I guarantee you.



Your Passport Bros 🙂